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Dear Friends and Supporters of Agape Enterprise


A year has passed since Agape Enterprise opened our doors. We would like to take this opportunity to thank our generous new supporters who have enabled us to realize our endeavor. Agape Enterprise was originally conceived as a “gift shop"- a tongue-in-cheek reflection upon the currency of “socially-engaged art” that has come to be seen in connection to ideas revolving around gift/debt and cycles of performance and materiality. How do processes of creation and sharing function as means of knowledge? How can we mitigate the long-held schism of knowledge and praxis? Some of our upcoming projects in 2013 address these issues.


We are currently fiscally-sponsored by the Brooklyn Arts Council and are in the process of obtaining 501 c status. Starting a not-for-profit organization is a challenging project. We are still not eligible for major government and private funding sources until we have two years of operational history, and our budget is thus far supported solely through individuals’ contributions. Please help us to realize our second year of programming through your generous tax-deductible donation. We appreciate all levels of donations!




Kikuko Tanaka, Director

December 05, 2012






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Agape Enterprise, 56 Bogart Street, Suite 1Q, Brooklyn, NY 11206, 718-417-0037, Fri-Sun 12-6pm