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In conjunction with Chelsea Knight’s project “Frame”:

Dirty Story

Yamil Rodriguez

Friday, October 5th, 7-8:30pm


Agape Enterprise is pleased to present a live-performance “Dirty Story” by Yamil Rodriguez. The piece is one of three performances that Chelsea Knight has curated in conjunction with her one-month-long screening of a video work, “Frame.” Corresponding with Knight’s exploration of the relationship between language and the self in “Frame,” Yamil Rodriguez, in “Dirty Story,” reads from erotic and pornographic texts that range from BDSM, various forms of personal relationships centering around activities that are erotic (but may not be sexual), romance, panty sniffing, anal extremism, pedophilia, LGBTQ, etc. He explores the theme of “breaking character” by interchanging authors, tenses, emphases and vernacular. “I want to start a dialogue about what turns people on or off through the language used in erotic literature, and in doing so bring people up against their desires and limitations.”


Yamil Rodriguez is a performance-based artist living in Brooklyn. He makes musical and language-based work that explores ideas of honesty and the performance of the self.



Agape Enterprise, 56 Bogart Street, Suite 1Q, Brooklyn, NY 11206, 718-417-0037, Fri-Sun 12-6pm