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Jessica Ann Peavy

Parable #13:

The Emotional Artist and the Text Message, along with an Utterance Performance

January 11th – February 24th, 2013

Opening Reception & Performance: Friday, January 11th, 2013, 7-9pm

Performers: Reyna Bonaparte and Vivianne Njoku


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Agape Enterprise is pleased to present Jessica Ann Peavy’s new video installation “Parable #13: The Emotional Artist and the Text Message” and an accompanied Utterance Performance. Both the video and performance are parts of Peavy’s ongoing series of works that probes issues regarding perception, perspective, deception and myth-making through simultaneous and multiple story-telling revealing conflicting interpretations of an occurrence.


The exhibition is initiated by an Utterance Performance at the opening reception, in which two invited performers, surrounded with a mass of domestic furniture, will confront the artist in the video and continuously retort, criticize or validate the testimony of the artist who indulges in emotional outbursts directed toward the camera, her imaginary audience/listeners or the performers. The subjects of the artist’s emotional eruptions remain unclear throughout the video/performance, yet her occasional reference to “he” hints at the crisis of a love affair. The second projector is set to throw another projection behind the performers, which consists of flowing texts reflecting their lives. These texts were secretly culled by the artist from the performers’ facebook postings. The two performers’ confrontation to the video will be recorded and become a part of the video installation during the exhibition period.


Upon entering the situation that Peavy has carefully arranged with multiple subjects that simultaneously offer multiple versions of one occurrence, the viewers are left to wonder how the “truth” of one occurrence is constructed differently among multiple subjects. The piece offers the viewers an opportunity for the careful examination of potential lies and distortions that each subject creates and believes. The piece reveals the very “fictionality” of truth itself. How do we discern the true storyteller from liars? Or is there even a single true storyteller among them? What if all of them are liars without recognizing themselves to be one? As the performance/video remains vague even regarding the subject of their passionate contestation, the piece perpetuates the elusiveness and fictionality of “truth”: especially the truth of what has happened in the past, which is…histories.


Artist’s Biography:

Jessica Ann Peavy completed her BFA in Film from Tisch School of the Arts at NYU and an MFA from the School of Visual Arts. She has exhibited across the country including Rush Arts, PPOW gallery, The Kitchen, The Contemporary Art Museum Houston and Spelman College Museum of Fine Art where she was included in the acclaimed exhibition Cinema Remixed and Reloaded: Black Women and the Moving Image Since 1970. Peavy’s solo exhibitions include Smack Mellon Gallery, Momenta Art, and Collette Blanchard Gallery.  She has held residencies with Smack Mellon, Harvestworks,  LMCC (Lower Manhattan Cultural Council) and received grants and awards from Franklin Furnace, the Jerome Foundation and the New York State Council on the Arts. Peavy currently lives and works in New York City.


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